Our Approach

ACS Concrete is proud to be certified as a DBE/MBE/SBE/WOB/EDWOSB. We are certified federally and for the State of Arizona through ADOT.

ACS is also the 2019 ADOT DBE Trailblazer award recipient. This is a prestigious award that can only be received once by a construction firm working with ADOT. It signifies that ACS has led all other certified DBE firms in partnering and successful completion on ADOT projects. 

We are members of various charitable organizations because we feel giving back to our community is vital.

Our superior quality in workmanship shows in all that we do, as our success is paramount to delivering a solid product.

While our quality is superior, we also work on a time-conscious basis to ensure that our scope of work is completed quickly.

Project owners receive a budget-friendly approach to pricing for their project, as we respect the bottom line in our partnerships.

Founder's Story

Founded in 2017, we are one of Arizona’s highest quality concrete contractors. With a combined over 65 years of experience in the civil engineering sector for our project management team, our newly found company does not lack industry knowledge.

Rachael Aragon

Rachael brings a unique perspective to the civil engineering sector. She has a strong focus on charitable give-backs to Arizona’s local charities and various non-profits. She has aggressive goals to become one of the top women-owned businesses in the State of Arizona.

Rachael has also completed the prestigious U.S. Small Business Association 2019 Emerging Leaders Initiative and the Arizona Department of Transportation Business Development Program.


While ACS’ core values are surrounded by charity, time and budget consciousness, we are proud to be accident-free with a 0 OSHA Incident Rate. Our Safety Officer, Alfonso Moreno, has over 30 years of Safety Compliance experience with Arizona’s largest Prime Contractors and ADOT projects. View Aldonso’s resume here.

Do you need us?

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